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Different Ways to Use Insert Command in SQL SERVER

Written By:- Isha Malhotra
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Different Ways to Use Insert Command in SQL SERVER

Insert command is used to insert data into database. There are many ways to insert data using insert command and these are following:-

Take table employee having two columns Emp_id and Emp_name

Simple Inserting command

1.       insert into Employee values('3','priya');
2.       insert  Employee values('6','isha');

Insert command using column name which specifies in which column we are going to insert the data.

3.       insert into employee(emp_id,emp_name) values('10','sapna');
4.       insert  employee(emp_id,emp_name) values('11','sapna');

Insert command in which we select records from another table.

5.       insert employee1 select * from Employee;
6.       insert into employee1 select * from Employee;

Insert  multiple records in single insert command
7.       insert into employee(emp_id,emp_name)
select 12,'neha'
union all
select 13,'saloni';
8.  insert into employee(emp_id,emp_name) values

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